Saturday, June 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up Again: The Guest Room (My 400th Post!)

Well, surprise surprise. My 400th blog post! And wouldn't you know it's my first one in three months? (Imagine how many there would be if I weren't the world's worst blogger. LoL) So I just went through my last three months worth of photos and was amazed at how much has happened around here in that time. It's really no wonder I don't find time to blog...

Now, to play catch up again. Or at least get started playing catch up. ;o)

So... back in January, I wrote about our youngest son moving into a new room, which we painted bright yellow. Well, in April our 18-year-old daughter decided it was time to leave the nest, freeing up the teenager-coveted big room in the basement. Of course, little brother then wanted to move -- again -- and wished for the new room to be bright yellow -- again. Deja vu...

I know, it sounds crazy. But I've been waiting a long time for the mom-coveted main floor bedroom to use as a guest room. (Yes, I know. I just set up a guest room in the basement last January, but the main floor is ever so much nicer for a guest room, don't you think?)

SO... out came the yellow paint for the big basement room. I'm pretty sure he's there to stay (for the next few years anyway!)

(Gosh, it looked so nice and clean that day. He's been in there awhile now so, you know, it has that "lived in" look these days.)

And finally, I had my guest room! It just needed... a ton of work.

First, all the baseboard trim came down, because it looked like this:

It was scraped, and scrubbed, and sanded free of layers of sloppily-applied paint, and finally varnished. What an amazing difference...

Next, the ceiling was painted:

And the closet:

And the rock star on the wall was sanded and primed:

(I'll admit, that part was a little bit sad, but necessary. Here's the post from 2008, when I first painted the mural. Memories... sigh.)

Finally, the walls were painted! (The same color as the aforementioned basement guest room. Deja vu...)

But that ratty, old blue carpet had to go! (And of course, that wasn't easy. It had been glued to the floor. Argh.)

Old carpet out, old padding scraped up:

And... at last! New carpet!

And "new" baseboards installed:

And furniture moved in!

Ta-dah! Of course, this all happened over two months time. LoL I just wish it could have gone this fast.

Befores and afters:

So that's ONE of the projects I've been working on since March. And I think that's enough for one day, but I'll be back with more. BEFORE another three months flies by.

No, really, I will. ;o)


Noela said...

Look forward to seeing more progress on your rooms. What you have shown so far looks great. Hugs.....

Glinda ♥ said...

What a wonderful transformation, Heather and a lot of hard work (I know!)Look forward to seeing more :)

Jean said...

It all looks wonderful, Heather! Maybe you should take a summer vacation and come and visit me! I could use some help on my projects.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very welcoming guest room.

Leslie said...

Your still at it all! you are amazing!!! love the new room!

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thank you