Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Yesterday we celebrated Emily's 14th birthday. It was very, very... zebra.

She received so many wonderful gifts - and there was definitely a strong zebra theme. Right down to the socks on her feet:

And some really great things for her new room, like this cute zebra wall hanging, made by her sister:

More original art, by her little brother:

And of course, new bedding and curtains:

I felt like I had really splurged to make the curtains (the fabric cost around $40) until I found some almost identical zebra panels at Target that would have cost us $100 to buy.

I can't take credit for the bedding, though. It's from the Seventeen Posh Collection at JC Penney, where my older daughter works. It's absolutely perfect for Emily's room!

What a great day! Many thanks to her grandparents, aunties and uncles, brothers and sister for giving Emily such a fantastic birthday!


Jean said...

Wow! i love how the room turned out. It looks so the mural & the spread and curtains are awesome too. Great job!!!

Angela Klocke said...

It looks AMAZING! We're moving Friday. Wanna come help me decorate? I lack a certain gene...