Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Better Home Challenge: February Reveal

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February has finally come to an end, and I can't say I'm sorry to see it go! We were hit with all the typical cold viruses and stomach bugs this month, and the last couple of weeks felt like slow motion. It's a wonder we got anything done at all, but I'm happy to say we made definite progress on our February challenge project, the basement rec room. Here are a few pictures taken this morning.

The view, coming down the stairs, looking over the stair railing:

Believe it or not, that floor is clean. I washed it myself just yesterday. On my hands and knees. My kingdom for new flooring!

Despite the many things I didn't get done, my goal of making this a usable game room was accomplished. (As evidenced by the gamer who would rather be in all my "after" pics than stop playing his game.)

Isn't it great how the TV screen matches the walls? LoL Someone gave us that nice big TV because the color went bad on it. Fixing it is one of many projects on my husband's "someday" list. But what the heck? It works. It's just... green.

Ready for some before and afters? These are my favorite. Without them, I'd have a really hard time believing just how bad it really was...

Coming down the stairs:

To the left:

Around the corner:

The TV area:

And my favorite, the view from the end of the pool table:

Holy Cats!! Where did all that stuff go?? Well some went to the trash, some was donated, the rest was artfully made to fit in the storage room along with all the other stuff in there. (Lord, I hope I don't draw the storage room for March!)

Project cost:

The best and most noticeable improvement in this room was also the only expense so far, four new fluorescent light fixtures and a ten-pack of bulbs - $75.11 Let there be light!

Yet to do in this area? A LOT.

- Finish remaining sheetrock/taping: Posts, stairway area, around door to garage (approx. $50-$60)
- Paint (approx. $30)
- Install trim: Around utility room door, top of stair rail and ledge by stairs
- Finish installation of suspended ceiling ($200-$300 in supplies needed)
- Flooring: Sheet vinyl will cost $500-$600, or repainting (most likely) for $50-$75
- Carpet the stairs (I forgot to get an estimate, but they'll most likely end up just being painted.)
- Resurface the pool table with new felt, finish polishing and replace table corners

All in good time...

A new project begins tomorrow. Please let it not be in my basement!!


Katie said...

Wow Heather, you did a great job! All the projects I want to do require more money than anything. Oh well, once the weather improves a bit I'll clean out my basement.

Krochet4kids said...

Looks great Heather!

Jean said...

It looks great! Love the bright colors!