Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Curtains Up!

Sorry, it's not a show. Just bathroom curtains -- and one less pile of stuff in my sewing room. :o) This was supposed to be my June UFO Challenge project, and since I finished October's, I was able to squeeze in one more and get caught up a bit. I might even try for three!

So here's how this project started. I fell for this floral fabric when I was working at Hancock Fabrics, and when it was marked down for clearance, I got very excited about making a curtain for my bathroom window. I did all the measurements, bought the fabric and white broadcloth for lining... then proceeded to procrastinate. Ultimately, it landed on my UFO Challenge list.

Here is the window "before" picture:

Kinda needs a curtain, huh? And a good cleaning. And a new screen (note the black electrical tape covering one of the holes)...

The curtains are simple, lined panels, shirred on the rod, but I did try something new this time around. I had never before done a blind hem stitch, didn't even know I had a blind hem foot for my sewing machine -- but I do! I followed the instructions in this video tutorial from Drapery Ideas. So easy!

Here's how my blind hem turned out. I know it's hard to see, but then, that's the whole point! LoL You can see the few stitches that landed on the white flowers, though, right about in the center of the picture going across. It would totally be "blind" on a single color fabric, and so much easier than hand stitching the hem. I'll definitely be doing this on future curtains.

And here they are finished. (I also scrubbed and cleaned that window, inside and out, AND replaced the screen, all of which took longer than the making of the curtains. Sheesh.)

Installed drapery hold-backs. I love these things... so much easier than dealing with tie-backs. (And look how that clean window shines!)

And here they are pulled back...

(Gotta love that toilet paper holder in the middle of all my question what room this is! )

This little project got me thinking about a new challenge for 2012, to finish projects around the house. Not sewing projects, but painting, repairs that need to be done, etc. We started remodeling this bathroom.... at least six years ago, and half of the walls are still unfinished. Things like that. The curtains are an improvement for sure, but how I would love to have that whole room finished! And challenges do motivate me...

... so the wheels are turning, and I have some ideas brewing to help me get some of these things done, once and for all. Check back in late December if you want to take the challenge with me! ;o)


Chris H said...

OOO your curtain looks fabulous and thanks for reminding me about those curtain hold back thingees! I need some of those.

TööT said...

A huge improvement ! Looks very cute.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a big difference!! I think your curtains are beautiful.

Tracey said...

The curtains look great! New curtains always freshen up a room. I love your idea about a challange to get all those little jobs done-not just sewing, I have several too.

Julie in WA said...

The curtains looks so pretty when tied back...but there is nothing like a little extra privacy when in the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Your curtains look lovely. And I adore the fabric you chose. You did a great job of the blind hemming.

(supermomnocape at yahoo dot com)

Mrsblocko said...

I love those mounted to the wall hold-y back the curtain things too.

Great job on the curtains. Although, I don't know which is the bigger finish, the massive cleaning on the window or the curtain!

Mary5 said...

I saw the cutest tutorial with a tea cup as the curtain pull-back. It had a hole drilled in the bottom of the cup.
Your curtains are pretty. I have the fabric sitting for my living room HUMONGOUS (well as big as 3 windows) windows' curtains. STripes. ACK. I am intimidated, but will...eventually...persevere!


Wonderbunnie said...

That finished curtain just pulls that wall together. We're looking at selling our townhome this spring, so laugh...that'll be a fun challenge to join! And easy, cuz we HAVE to do it!

Teressa Pickett said...

Great idea. I like the tie back things. I'm going to try that for some curtains in my daughters room.

karen said...

Your curtain looks fabulous, really jazzes up the window.

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