Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Home Challenge: Project for March

We had quite a snowstorm here yesterday, and it looks more winter-like outside than it has all year, but I don't care... it's March! Spring is just around the corner. :o)

It's also time for a new Better Home Challenge project, and for those who are playing along, this month's project is #2. For me, that's the downstairs bathroom. Yes, I'm finally getting out of the basement! It's a little tricky to take pictures of such a small room, but I gave it my best shot. (And I didn't clean first, so please pardon any mess you happen to see. Luckily dirt doesn't show up all that well in pictures. LoL)

When I painted this dark hunter green several years ago, I really loved it, but it's most definitely time for a change. It's so dark, it makes the room look even smaller than it is, and it shows everything! Dirt, toothpaste/soap splatters, hairspray overkill, dings in the wall, etc., etc. It's time for a change!

And some organizing...

The shower needs a good scrubbing, as usual... and I'd like to look at some other shower door options. This one has a leaking problem, requiring a towel on the floor to soak up the water when anyone showers.

This little cabinet needs organizing as well. I'll spare you the picture of the basic white toilet, which sits just beneath it.

We really need a better mirror/lighting setup above the sink. I love my little mirrored cabinet, but it's really not big enough for the use this bathroom gets, and it also gets pretty badly abused in there. I hate the off-centered, ugly light fixture. I'm thinking a larger, lighted medicine cabinet would be a good investment here.

And that's about it! I'm excited to have a relatively small project to work on this month, and it should be a fun room makeover to do. A nice change, after last month's great big overwhelming project. LoL

If you'd like to share a recent home improvement project, feel free to link up here to your blog post about it. It's always inspiring to see what others are accomplishing!


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Heather, I do plan to join you. Took pictures yesterday, and did some cleaning. Won't be able to blog though, until at least Sunday.