Monday, November 24, 2008

Yet Another Room Redo...

My youngest daughter, Emily, is turning fourteen next weekend, and it was decided that what she really wanted for her birthday was to have her room redecorated... again. This time she's promised me that she'll love it for at least the next four years -- when she can move out and redecorate her own house every month if she likes. LoL

At any rate, here's the "before" picture, mid-furniture-shuffle, showing the blue and green with baby jungle animals from not so long ago (sigh):

Emily is a musician through and through, a singer, guitarist and songwriter, so the new theme is MUSIC in black and white. With Thanksgiving coming up, we wanted to get the painting done early, so this weekend we painted the walls satin white. Quite a change from all the color in there before!

And one thing she's always wanted in her room is a wall mural, so we took an idea from some prints in the school's music room and decided on a musician silhouette. Yesterday, while Emily was gone on a church service project, I got busy painting and surprised her with the finished silhouette. Having never painted a mural before, I was shocked at how nice it turned out! (This is the same corner as shown in the "before" picture above!)

There's more to come, but the rest will have to wait until after the birthday, since I know she's stops by to read her mom's blog every so often. Don't want to spoil any surprises...

In other news, our poor, sad Bayleah has been sick:

She developed a bad limp last week, which has been a recurring problem, and our visit to the vet resulted in a positive blood test for Lyme Disease. The good news, though, is that she's on medication now and feeling 110% better than she was on Friday morning. Hopefully we can get it under control and keep her that way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, live is never dull around here.


Jean said...

I love the silhouette! That is awesome. Did you freehand draw that on the wall? WOW is all I have to say. Can't wait to see what else you do.
Glad you are back posting!

Baby Jungle said...

Nice job on the silhouette painting. I was looking for decorating ideas for a nursery. Sounds like you have gone through several iterations! Just think one more coat of painting and the room can go back to "normal".

Heather said...

Thanks for the great comments! I actually used a photo that I found online, measured certain points on the photo, then changed the measurements from inches to feet and marked those points on the wall. From there, it was freehand, and yes, I did make a lot of mistakes along the way. lol Luckily, the white paint was still handy and I could just paint over all my "eraser marks." ;o)