Friday, March 15, 2013


Definite progress.

There's nothing quite like sharing embarrassing pictures of your mess to make you want to clean it up -- and fast. So before I go on to what's yet to be done, here are a couple of before and afters to show the progress made this week (click on the picture for a larger view).

In the sewing room:

And better yet, in the storage room:

Looks like the room grew!

In the sewing room, the second table is a huge improvement on my work space. Now I have room to cut at one end and quilt at the other, with the old computer set up in between, so I can use online patterns without having to print them out. The drawers beneath still need to be organized, but they will be storage for my scrap pieces and strips.

On the other side is the second sewing machine, which I use mostly for piecing. I spent a couple of hours stripping the wallpaper border off this wall, so I could hang my quilter's wall hanging there. I'm not looking forward to any more border stripping...

And this is where I ran out of time/energy. One last pile of stuff in the storage room that still needs to be put away. (That smaller pile to the left was one of those distractions that happens when you sort through your sewing stuff. In the midst of everything, I started planning a quilt. LoL Needless to say, I might have gotten the pile put away, had I not stopped to play with the fabric. But what can I say? It was fun.)

I hope to get the rest of that pile put away over the weekend, then I can get back to sewing. And now I'm actually looking forward to it!


Chris H said...

Wow you have done well. I think you are so lucky having two rooms! I am stuck in the corner of the garage, and a computer will not work down there! Boo hoo.

Glinda ♥ said...

Well done, Heather, I too had to have a tidy up recently and, whilst I grizzled a bit at first about lost sewing time, it was worth it! Your place looks fabby, enjoy your sewing this weekend :)

Jean Kritenbrink said...

You have definitely made progress! Great job! I need to get up to the quilt machine room and put some stuff away. I tend to dump the leftovers from projects up there until I have time to sort them back into the places they should be.

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