Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Disclosure

(Or, What May Well Be the Cause of My Motivational Slump)

No to-do list for me this week, just one BIG to-do. I've had a hard time the past couple of weeks feeling capable of accomplishing anything. No motivation to start a new project, or even to work on one of my many UFOs. No inspiration to even sew a few string blocks... Whatever could be the problem? Hmm... I don't know... could it be THIS?

Yes, THIS is my sewing room. Or what used to be my sewing room. Now it's my storage room for fabric and supplies.

And just across the hallway is my actual "sewing" room:

Trust me, it's an even bigger mess than it looks here.

This is the result of transitioning quickly from one sewing room to two, followed by numerous projects one on top of the other, without cleaning up in between. I don't recommend it.

So, I'm dedicating this week to getting these rooms organized so I can start sewing again. And I suppose I could break it down into a few main areas:

  • Buy a second folding work table and find a better arrangement for the sewing room

  • Remove all non-sewing-related items from the storage room (these are the leftovers from when my son vacated his room (now my sewing room). He doesn't want it. I don't want it either!

  • Sort miscellaneous fabric and project leftovers into their appropriate bins/shelves

  • Re-stack/organize fabric bins in closets

I'm sure there's more, but I can hardly think past walking into the room right now. I would love to figure out a good working arrangement for both rooms and eventually be able to paint/decorate to better suit my needs. All in good time. Suffice it to say, I've got my work cut out for me in just getting started. Wish me luck... I'm going in!


Jean said...

I know the feeling! I like the keep the fabrics together for a project until it is finished, so that means that sometimes I have small plastic boxes or bags of leftovers laying around, that just get dumped to the side when I start a new project. Good luck getting the inspiration back!

Chris H said...

Good luck Chick! I just tidied up my sewing area in the garage. Such a mess... it happens all by itself almost!