Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finishes

Well, again I didn't quite complete everything on this week's to-do list, but I did accomplish a lot -- and even squeezed in a few things I hadn't planned!

My Monday shopping spree netted mostly batting and thread. Much-needed, but not too exciting to share about. However, I did buy a pretty piece of yellow minky for a future quilt back, and I couldn't resist a couple of heart print flannels for Valentine's day. I made those into receiving blanket/burp cloth sets for my new Etsy shop, Hushabye Street!

I'm having so much fun making things for my shop. I don't know why I've put off doing this for so long. It's quite a learning experience, but not nearly as overwhelming as I'd imagined. I just hope that business will take off before long. If you know of anyone expecting a new baby in the family, I'd be so grateful if you'd share my link with them! :o)

The quilt I posted about on Monday is also finished! I finally decided I needed some of that Woodsy Wonder panel on both the front and back, and I think it turned out really cute! Here's the front:

And the back:

It's such a challenge getting nice naturally-lit pictures in the winter, so I've been using all the new snow we've been getting for a background. So pretty... but I'm ready for spring!

I have one more finish that was unplanned and spur-of-the-moment. Playing with the flannels got me to digging through my stash and I decided to make a sweet pink ragtime baby quilt for the shop as well.

And wonder of wonders, I did get out of the sewing room long enough to paint my son's bedroom! Here's sort of a "before" picture. (I gave him a chance to at least clean up the floor before I shared with the world.) I painted the "rock star" mural on the wall for my daughter when it was her room, but my son wanted to keep it. Talk about a tedious trim job!

But we did it! How do you like the color he chose?

He's been a yellow fan since he was a toddler. No matter what you pointed at and asked, "What color is this?", he would say, "Lellow." He's 14 years old now (and knows all of his colors!) but yellow is still his favorite. He made this pillow in middle school Family Consumer Science class. As a quilter, I was so proud that he chose the rail fence pattern over the simpler 4-patch option:

Oddly enough, he's never had a yellow room! That pillow and the fleece blanket I made him for Christmas last year are the only things he has that really fit in now, so there are lots of decorating decisions to be made. But at least the hard part is done. :o)

Of course, what I didn't get done on my list was cleaning up the basement so I could use my treadmill... but I think I got enough exercise this week to make up for it. LoL Next week!

I'm linking up again today with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Up Friday and Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday (TGIFF), hosted today by Nat at Made in Home.


Allison said...

you have some great finishes! good luck with your Etsy store :)

Chris H said...

I think you are a super Mum... all the sewing projects done AND painting your son's room! Well done!!!

Nat at Made in Home said...

Great additions to your shop. Your son bedroom looks amazing, I do like the cushion as well!

LynCC said...

Love his yellow. :) That rag quilt is awesome - so frilly. (How big do you make your seams?) And yes - that Woodsy quilt is just adorable. : D

Leslie said...

WOW woman! you have gotten tons done!!! love your quilts that you accomplished also! and that yellow room?!! very cool!!! I bet he loves it!
good luck with your shop!!! said...


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