Monday, January 21, 2013

Accountability Monday

Okay, so it worked pretty well last week. Here's what I plan on accomplishing this week:

  • Straighten up the basement, so I can start using my treadmill (I'm down another two pounds this week, but I'm ready to step things up a notch - literally!)
  • Get the TV hooked up in the basement... so I can start using my treadmill
  • Paint Tim's bedroom
  • Finish another quilt

And the quilt I'm working on is this:

I put the blocks together over the weekend, pulling colors from the "Woodsy Wonders" panel in the picture. I had planned to use the panel as the backing, but now am having other ideas. I need to make a final decision on the borders and get a move on if I want to have this finished by Friday!

But first, I'm going fabric shopping! I have a nice, fat gift card that my husband gave me for Christmas, and with all the sales today, it's the perfect time for a shopping spree. :o)

Ready, set, go...


Jean said...

Have fun and can't wait to see your surprise for the panel!

Leslie said...

oooh! on the fabric shopping! I am hoping to go after payday Friday :)

your list is good, doable but it is a lot! at first I thought since it was accountable Monday, you had to do those things on Monday! but a week is good :) I need to do big to do items on my lists (I make a list everyday!)

Cute quilt!
show us what you bought on your shopping trip!

Leslie said...
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Chris H said...

There is NOTHING better than fabric shopping!
Well, maybe

I love the quilt, and I hope you got it finished in time.