Monday, January 28, 2013

This Week's To-Dos

So, last week was so incredibly productive for me that today I'm kind of sitting here in a daze wondering, "Now what?" and anytime I feel that way, I know I need a list, ASAP.

  • First priority this week, finish what I didn't do last week! Straighten up that basement room and get the TV hooked up and GET ON THE TREADMILL. lol (Even without any extra exercise, I managed to lose another three pounds last week. Imagine the fat I could burn if I added a daily workout to the mix!)

  • One other house project that's been driving me crazy: Clean out the front hall closet. It is stuffed with coats and things that nobody wears, while all over the house there are piles of coats and things that they do wear. This has got to change.

  • I had the first sale from my etsy shop on Friday -- yay!! The buyer requested personalizing with the baby's name, so I need to get that done and then get it packaged up.

  • I also need to replace that item in the shop. It wasn't even listed for 24 hours before it sold, so I plan to make a few more of the same (in different colors/prints) and hope for a similar response!

Encouraged by my first sale, I went on a little shopping spree this weekend. For those of you who love fabric as I do, this is what I came home with:

Flannels (to add to the three bins full I already have - lol)...

And cottons. I went a little nuts with the polka dots. Couldn't resist!

And so I have plenty of inspiration once I make it into the sewing room. The challenge is finding that balance between doing what I want to do and what I need to get done around the house. I'm going to start with just 30 minutes in the basement...

...aaaand, we're off!


Debbie said...

Congrats on you first Etsy sale...and good for you turning that profit around to support the economy!

Leslie said...

WAHOOO! Congratulations on your first sale!!! and way to go on your shopping, that always inspires to sew!
good luck on your to do list... :) I need luck on mine too! ha!