Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Finishes -- and Happy February!

I can't believe February is already here! Amazing how the weeks fly by when you give yourself loads of things "to-do!" Again, I almost finished everything on my list for the week. Almost. Plus a thing or two I hadn't planned on, so I guess that's fair.

  • Straighten the basement, get the TV hooked up and get on the treadmill. (My excuse is that I'm waiting for my hubby to hook up the TV. Realistically, I could probably do it myself if I tried. Mostly, I just don't really want to get on the treadmill. LoL)

  • Clean out the front hall closet. (What an amazing improvement. We can all hang our coats up now! Just wish I had taken a "before" picture... it was BAD.)

  • Personalization on pink ragtime quilt.

  • Make another pink ragtime quilt for shop.

    Shabby Chic Baby Pink Flannel Ragtime Quilt
And this was not on my list, but since I was kind of on a roll with the flannel quilts, I also finished one that's a little more boyish.

Shabby Chic Baby Tie Dye and Dinosaurs Flannel Quilt

I really need to focus a little more on making things for boys. I have a strong tendency toward pink fabric, for some reason. Strange, considering I'm Grandma to two adorable boys. Then again, maybe that explains it. As adorable as my boys are, I just get cravings for frilly pink things!

Case in point, I went out shopping today -- not for fabric, mind you -- and somehow came home with this:

All flannels, and notice how they are mostly PINK? LoL Well, it's something to work on...

I feel really bad that I've linked for the past two weeks with other Friday finishes, but haven't been around to visit everyone like I usually do. I've been so crazy busy, I just haven't found the time. But I feel like if you're going to join a linky party, you should follow through and show up for the party! So I'm going to try again this week, and make it a priority to get around and visit everyone at Crazy Mom Quilts "Finish it Up Friday" and TGIFF, hosted this week by Quokka Quilts. Looking forward to some inspiring finishes!


Nicole said...

I have a thing for pink, frilly things too, Heather! Luckily I'm mama to two girls so I have an excuse. The quilt is cute. I'm sure Harper Marie will be one happy girl!

Foster said...

I love fringy quilts. I just finished helping a neighbor girl make one for her sister. Your quilts are darling.

Glinda ♥ said...

Those baby quilts are delicious, Heather :)

Emma said...

Wow, the Harper Marie stitching is so neat!

Leslie said...

Look at you go! wow!
ha ha on not wanting to get on treadmill, that is exactly how I have felt about running this week!
lovely finishes!!!