Friday, February 22, 2013

Another Week Has Flown...

...and it's Friday again. Didn't quite finish my to-do list this week, but I did come close:

  • Finish the lavender and white ragtime quilt. Not done, but started. I wasn't completely happy with the purple I ordered for this one, so I ordered another, which just came today. Still not sure which one is best. But I have made a little progress on the blocks that I am sure of.

    Started quilting the white flower blocks, and cutting and crossing the others. Once I have all but that bothersome purple done, I'll lay them all out with each option and decide which is best.

  • Finish the green/music ragtime quilt. Done, and listed at Hushabye Street:

    Musical Frogs Ragtime Baby Quilt

  • Take down remaining sheetrock around bathtub. Done.

    Who knows how long it'll stay like this? It's my husband's turn to do his thing here, and he tends to work on his own schedule. The tub needs to be leveled and a leaky pipe fixed. Then it'll be sheetrocking and taping again for me... yay. With that to look forward to, I'm not likely to be rushing him along.

And that really was the extent of my week. The kids had the week off of school, which always blows my routine somewhat. I did have a very nice ending for my week, though. My first sale through Etsy! Sent this little guy winging off to a new home today:

In just over a month of business, I've had two sales resulting from my Etsy shop. I don't think that's bad for just starting out, so I'm encouraged to keep on keeping on...

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Glinda ♥ said...

Well done on the sales, Heather ... not surprised the cushion went as its gorgeous and the Ragtime Quilt is a stunner too!