Monday, February 25, 2013

A Weekend Finish, and To-Dos for the Week

Over the weekend, I finished the purple/lavender ragtime quilt, which was a special order. This was on my to-do list last week, so I guess technically, I did get it finished! Here are a few pictures...

It's so hard to accurately show that deep purple in photos, but it is such a pretty, rich purple. I bought a lot of it, too, so there will be more purple raggies in my future for sure!

And now for my list of to-dos this week:

  • Dinosaur ragtime quilt - My daughter purchased the dinosaur quilt from my shop this weekend, and I still have enough of the dino fabric to make another and just switch out the photos on my listing. (And that purple above would look great with the dinos...)

  • Make a few more purple/pink scrappy string blocks With all the ragtime quilts I've been making, I must say I'm missing my pieced quilts. Need to stay on top of that project so it isn't completely forgotten/buried in my sewing room!

  • Vacuum Not fun, but my whole house needs a once-over. Try as I might to contain it, these raggy quilts make a lot of fuzz. (And the giant shedding dog doesn't help, either!)

  • Taxes Sigh... need I say more?

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MyJourneyBack said...

Love your purple rag quilt. I finished a purple top too.
I enjoyed visiting.
Have a great Friday,