Friday, March 1, 2013

Hit or Miss...

... that's the sort of week this has been. I'd have given up the first day, but for the accountability I've been getting from these weekly to-do lists. Somehow, I managed to get it all done -- more or less. LoL

  • Dinosaur ragtime quilt This was to replace the quilt that my daughter purchased from my shop, and the first thing I wanted to finish this week. Well, I got it done, so cute with bright purple and lime green:

    But after it was washed and fringed up, I was picking all the fuzzies off when I noticed a flaw in the purple back:

    It looks as if the nap of the flannel just separated from the back, and I was pretty sure it wasn't like that before it was washed. Grr... Fortunately, this didn't happen on the special order I just made with the same fabric!

    And then I saw another spot on the front:

    And I know that wasn't there before. I have no idea now what I'll do with this quilt. Either try to sell it at a super deep discount, or most likely, just keep it here to use for my own grandbaby. It was discouraging, at any rate, and for now I just have to set it aside and figure it out later.


  • Make a few more scrappy string blocks Well, I made one more. That makes three total. I need to do this on a "block a day" basis if I ever plan to have all sixteen finished!

    I also finished one of my February BOM blocks:

    Still have the paper-pieced one to do.

  • Vacuum - Done! And it took almost a whole day to do it. LoL What a difference it made in how the whole house looks, though.

  • Taxes Done! Such a draining job, but so glad to have it finished!
So, all in all, not a bad week. I got some pretty major things done, and just have to move on and hope for better sewing next week! I'm spending the rest of the day today with my two darling grandsons. Good therapy!


Cherie in St Louis said...

You could applique a cute flower or heart on the two spots. If you could do it in an artistic way, you would be able to sell it....but you may just like it so much, you'll keep it :)

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