Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend Sew-In

My sisters asked what I wanted to do for our birthday weekend get-together, and I said, "Sew. And drink wine." So that's what we did! We spent the weekend together and finished this little recycled blue jean quilt.

The back is all blue camouflage/wildlife print flannel:

(Incidentally, we also finished three bottles of wine. lol)

It's a big accomplishment for us to finish a weekend project, because around here, you never know how your plans will change, or who's going to stop by next. I think we did a pretty good job of "going with the flow." Much of the weekend was spent holding/rocking/feeding/enjoying my great-niece, Ciara, and my grandson, Mason -- such adorable babies!

All in all, a fun and productive and tiring weekend! It's Monday evening now, and I'm just getting started on my to-do list for the week:

  • My fabric order arrived today. Good timing! First up, finish the lavender/white custom order ragtime quilt.
  • Finish green/music ragtime quilt. Not an order, but a customer request, so it will go in the shop and if she likes it, I could possibly have another sale.
  • For the bathroom project, take down remaining sheetrock around the top of the tub. At that point, my husband will have to take over with plumbing repairs before I can go any further.
That's a short list. But I'll be very pleased if I finish all three!

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Glinda ♥ said...

Now THAT is my kind of quilting weekend! I have sisters and wine but, sadly, they don't share my passion ... 2/3 ain't bad, though, hey?