Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday: Just Quilting

On my plate this week; quilting, quilting and more quilting. These three will be quilted by the end of the week (bound, too -- if I can pull it off!)

If I have any time left over (and if my neck and shoulders can take it), these four tops and backs are also ready to be layered and quilted:

I was on a roll Friday night and got all of these finished to the quilting stage. One needed borders added and a backing, two only needed backings cut. The last one was only at the block stage, but I got them sewn together, added borders and pieced a back. I even finished my (super easy!) "Perfect Pouches" UFO. It was quite a productive night!

If I can get these four done this month, I'll have officially finished all of my 2011 challenge projects! They're all on the small side, so it may be possible. The only downside is, I still have all of my Christmas sewing to do, too. We'll see... it's nice just having them this close, even if it doesn't happen until January.

Stop by the Patchwork Times today for more Design Wall Monday! :o)

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Michelle said...

Good luck -- with the neck and shoulders, not the quilting -- I know you can do that!