Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A New Challenge for 2012

As I'm madly scrambling to finish the last of my challenge quilts for this year, I keep thinking about a new challenge for 2012, one that doesn't involve sewing or quilting, but would go a long way in preserving my sanity so I can keep on sewing and quilting in peace. The challenge I'm thinking of would help me to finish all the little (and not-so-little) projects that need to be done around my house. Those nagging projects like the kitchen cabinets that sorely need painting, the upstairs bathroom remodeling project that started years ago but was never quite finished, the window screens that need replacing, etc., etc. I'm talking about a Better Home challenge for 2012.

The idea started brewing when I made the bathroom curtains for the 2011 UFO Challenge. That one small improvement in a room that needs so much work, made a huge difference! It made me want to do more, but I've been lacking the motivation and bogged down with "where do I begin?"

The UFO and "Get 'er Done" challenges have been incredibly motivating for me. They've given me a reason to focus on one specific project and just do it. I've finished things that I'm sure would have otherwise sat unfinished for many more years. Now I find myself with (almost) no unfinished sewing projects and a lot more space in my sewing room. It's amazing, the power of a challenge to inspire action.

So I'm gonna do it. I'll challenge myself with my house in the same way. I've already started a list of 12 areas that need work in my house, and starting in January, I'll pick one area and focus. Make a list of everything that area needs to be "finished." Do what is within my means, and make a detailed price list of the things that require saving to afford. Even if all I'm able to do is some cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing, it'll be an improvement. But I have a hunch I'll be able to do much more.

I just need that challenge to spur me on.

And if anyone else would like to join me, start your list and check back here on the first of January. The more the merrier!

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Leslie said...

just came back to check out this post (already commented on the linky party post!) I am in with you on the better home list! remind me and we will do this together!!! my list will be huge!!!