Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A (Rather Large) Bump in the Road

Just when I felt like I was really getting things accomplished... life threw me a curve ball. I've been laid up for the past 3-4 weeks with a combination of back problems and never ending bronchitis/sinus/inner-ear crud. Suddenly I'm not only behind in all of my sewing projects, but completely bewildered by everything else that needs to be done in the coming weeks. In the midst of all my health problems, I decided to give up my job at the fabric store, which has relieved a lot of stress and may be the key to finally feeling a little better now.

I'm not fully recovered yet. Still on antibiotics, still waiting for my ears to unplug, still visiting my chiropractor almost daily and hoping for a breakthrough that will relieve the shooting pain in my shoulder and arm. But there are signs of improvement. Here I am, sitting at the computer after all. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

One thing I have managed to get done this week was a trip to the post office. I've had some quilty things packed and ready to mail for some time. A quilt top (finished way back in November of '09)

and some cheater cloth purchased for quilt tops/backs

are finally on their way to Quilts with Love, to be used in quilts for our troops.

And the blocks I made in March for Margaret's Hope Chest's "Wrapped in Hope" project will go into quilts for some very deserving kids.

(On a side note, in conjunction with their 4-year anniversary this month, Margaret's Hope Chest has donated their 1000th quilt -- amazing! To celebrate, they're holding a fantastic giveaway. Visit here for your chance to win!)

I've missed my sewing room the past few weeks. Days have felt like weeks, and I found myself wandering in there a time or two to gaze wistfully at the works-in-progress left hanging so suddenly. But in the past few days I've had momentary thoughts of sewing just a bit, so maybe, just maybe, I'm about to turn a corner.

I'm so ready to be over this!

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