Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year Babies

Due to my lack of time for blogging this year, there were a number of quilt projects I never got around to sharing, so I thought I'd show them off in one last post for 2010. These were some of my favorites, too, because each was a celebration of a special little one in my life:

July 2010 -- A Disappearing Four-Patch in pink and brown polka dots

Made for precious baby Shyla, the new granddaughter of a dear friend of mine.

September 2010 -- Woodland Four-Patch (with more polka dots!)

Made for adorable baby Reid, my newest great-nephew.

October 2010 -- A 1930's Patch Quilt

Made for beautiful baby Zoe, my newest great-niece.

And last but not least, October 2010 -- A Picture Play I-Spy Quilt

For my sweet, sweet grandson, Aaron, who turned two years old this year.

May we all be so richly blessed in 2011.
Happy New Year!!

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Shasta said...

Wow lots of beautiful babies, and lots of beautiful quilts for them. That disappearing four patch is so intriguing. I hadn't thought of four patch, but it is definitely something I should make!