Saturday, January 8, 2011

UFO Challenge: Week One

Well, 2011 is off to a great start! My family has been healthy so far, the days are getting longer, my Christmas decorations are almost all packed away, and I have set myself up with an awesome challenge to help me steer clear of the mid-winter blues. So far, so good.

On New Year's Day, the first number was drawn for the 2011 Patchwork Times UFO Challenge...

...and I learned that my project for January is lucky number six, the Floral Applique Quilt. All I have to do is make 10 more hand-appliqued blocks, sew them into a top, quilt it and bind it. That's all. By the end of this month. No problem! LoL

Actually, my first thought was, "There is absolutely no way." Period.

But then the incredible, miraculous motivation of a challenge kicked in, and I've been working like a maniac ever since, trying to beat the clock. I've spent every spare minute this week cutting, basting, pressing, pinning and stitching, and yes, I have made progress!

So far, I've finished the New Jersey Rose,

the Victorian Rose,

the Rose Wreath,

and the Ohio Rose,

My next block has been cut, basted and pinned and is ready for stitching.

If I keep one block in progress at all times and work on it any chance I get, I can average a block every two days. Hopefully I can keep up that pace for just a little longer, and I'll have ten days at the end of the month to see how far I get on making the quilt... if I still have any feeling left in my hands.

Realistically, I'll be happy just to get all the blocks finished, but you never know!

(And I haven't forgotten about the "Get 'Er Done" Challenge, either. I've been working on that one too, and should have a "finished" picture to share very soon...)

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Chris H said...

Wow, I love those blocks!
I am sure you can get it done by month's end!