Friday, August 15, 2008

The Last Page (for now)

Believe it or not, I think I've had enough quilt journaling for awhile. All the little bits of paper are cleaned up for the time being, and here's the page I finished last night for my daughter's graduation quilt (Think I went a little overboard with the flower stickers?):

I dutifully put in some time today mowing the lawn and sorting through about half of the clothes in my 10-year-old's room, so I think I deserve a little time in my sewing room. I'd like to start setting together the quilt blocks for my grandbaby-to-be, but first I need to finish up another project I've left hanging. It's to be a Quilts with Love quilt for the troops, made from some of those bazillion 4" squares I cut out of fabric samples. Here's a photo I took awhile back, of the top in progress:

As of today, the rows are sewn together and I just need to add a border and get ready for quilting. Border strips are cut, a path is cleared to the sewing machine, nothing can stop me now...

Well, we'll see about that! LoL

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Scrapping Servant said...

Of coarse! you scrapbook too! I love you already :o)