Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Doings

Got the borders on my quilt top yesterday, pieced the backing, AND got the whole thing layered, pinned and marked for quilting. So far, so good:

Meanwhile, my house was transformed today into "baby central." On a hot garage sale tip, my daughter and I were out bright and early this morning and scored a really nice Medela breast pump, complete with leatherette carrying case -- very professional -- for only twenty bucks. Perfect for when she goes back to work. This inspired us to start pulling out all the great baby things that people have been passing along to her lately, and get everything washed and ready for baby. I can't believe there are only six weeks to go!

I adore the bassinet (here, with the vibrating infant seat, car seat bases, a Boppy pillow and Diaper Genie):

Baby swing, stroller and two car seats (one attaches to the stroller):

And there's more in the basement yet. She still needs a highchair, though there's plenty of time for that, and is determined to buy her "dream crib," but for the most part, she's certainly set for baby supplies. I'm amazed at the variety and number of things available for babies these days. And people everywhere trying to get rid of them. Lucky for us!

I hope to get some of that quilting done tonight, so I'd better get going. But first, there are a couple of car seats to re-assemble.

And where are we going to put all this stuff??

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