Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quilt Journaling... Still

The thing about scrapbooking is, once you get started it's so hard to stop! For one, it's messy, and I hate to clean up until I'm finished scrapping for awhile. Secondly, it's just addicting, plain and simple. Again, it's the reason I limit scrapbooking to my quilt journal alone. Once I get it caught up, I have to make more quilts -- so I can make more pages. LoL

Here, three more pages completed yesterday. A tribute to my adorable new great-niece, Sophia (and her quilt, of course!):

The "Paws-itively Wild" Bear Paw quilt for my son, Timothy (my favorite part is his thank you note, "Thank you for the awesome quilt, Mom. It is paws-itively amazing."):

Remembering a favorite teacher -- and our gift to her this year:

I have one more page to go, then I think it's time to clean up the mess and get back to work on my latest quilt. No wonder I have a hard time getting around to the housework! LoL

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