Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #100: Time Machine

This weekend I tackled the last of my sewing room projects, an unsightly stack of plastic bags containing unfinished, long-forgotten sewing projects from years gone by. Little did I know that the experience would be a perfect fit for this week's Sunday Scribblings theme, "time machine."

Patterns Revisited

Today I sewed sweatpants cut out in ‘01
Doll clothes from 1998
Added zipper and hem to a dress from ‘06
The progress I made, it was great.
Next, some pajamas that Grandma cut out
Perhaps around ‘79
She passed them to me, in about ’93,
Surviving through decades of time.
I sewed and I sewed, and the memories flowed,
Of how all this attire got its start.
Of the people, the places, the beautiful faces
Some gone now, but still in my heart.
It was only a project, another “to-do,”
But it gained a more meaningful theme
Who knew that a trusty old Singer could serve
As a homemaker's time machine?

2008 © Heather Haapoja


Preethi said...

such a sweet tale.. Singer the homemaker's time machine

My time capsule

sister AE said...

Oh, I have a pile like that somewhere! Nice take on the prompt.

redness said...

Oh that is fabulous, could you pop round and do some of my UFO's please? Loved this!

Anonymous said...

Great tackle! I tackled the memes that you tagged me on a couple posts ago. :)


Beautiful poem. I loved "of the people, the places, the beautiful faces."

Just Jen said...

That was really neat! That's the best time machine I've read so far :D

Donetta said...

Oh this is rich. just rich. :)