Monday, September 24, 2012

Something to do While We're Waiting

Still no new grandbaby... The due date has now passed, so we're all getting a little stir crazy around here, and when I need a distraction, I tend to sew -- a lot. I've sewn three baby quilt tops in the past three days:

A "Wickedly Easy Quilt" from, all in dusty, mauvy pinks mostly from the 1980's. (Hate having to admit it, but that really sounds vintage these days. And one of these prints was from a skirt that I wore in high school, so what does that say about me? Wait. Don't answer that. LoL) I ad libbed a little bit on the border:

A Sunday mystery quilt, by Cindy Carter of Quilt Patterns from Seattle. Today Cindy posted the photos that have been sent in from the mystery on her blog. If you'd like to see all of the pretty color combinations (or download the pattern), you'll find them here. And here's mine:

And today I finished piecing a UFO that was originally for Judy Laquidara's monochromatic challenge last year at Patchwork Times. The color that month was brown, and I was trying to use up my overabundance of cheater panels. It looks a little wild and crazy here, but I think it'll be cute once it's quilted and bound. I'm still undecided about adding a border to contain the craziness:

I guess tomorrow I'd better stop piecing and start quilting. Unless, of course, we have a new grandbaby to hold! :o)


Anonymous said...

stunning sunday mystery quilt!
And here's hoping your still not waiting!

Denise Russell said...

Love the mystery quilt, and the bear one, too. It is not crazy at all, and simple borders always work!