Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Quilt for a Very Small Cowboy

What? Two posts in one week??? I haven't managed that in awhile. But before time gets away from me again, I wanted to get in an update on the scrappy cowboy quilt I was making for my niece, Annie (of Decorator in a Box). She had chosen the fabrics and the scrappy layout, and the top was almost finished when I last posted...

And just in time for a 4th of July visit from Annie and family, the quilt was finished! She'll be giving it to her friend back in Texas, as a special gift for her baby boy.

I ran a little short on the cowboy print for the back, but had just enough of the buffalo plaid flannel left over to piece in the extra length:

It's quilted with a gold thread similar to blue jean stitching, all diagonal crosshatching, except for two "blocks" that seemed perfect for quilted cowboy boots.

Can you see the boot? I had a hard time getting a picture to show it off. Here's a closeup that shows the borders:

And some of the crosshatching:

Once again, I had so much fun working with fabrics I didn't choose myself, but absolutely loved putting together! So perfect for a sweet little cowboy. ;o)


Leslie said...

That quilt is soooo very perfect for the little cowboy!!! I LOVE it and love the boot you quilted on there! good job!

Jean said...

Very cute quilt...I love it Heather.

Chris H said...

That is a gorgeous quilt!

Decorator In a Box said...

Heather the quilt was a huge hit! It actually went to my friend in Portland! Your quilts are nation wide :) I will get you photos soon. Xo ~ Annie

Heather said...

Oh that's great to hear, Annie! I just assumed it was for a Texas baby. lol I'd love to see a picture of the little guy. Thanks! :o)