Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Already?

I really can't believe there's only one more week until Christmas. This month is flying by! I've been sewing my fingers to the bone trying to finish my non-Christmas things, so I'll really need to step it up this next week.

BUT my mom's birthday quilt is done! (Her birthday is the day after Christmas.) Center tied, the border quilted, and the binding on.

My sister came up on Monday and helped me tie it, after realizing there were blocks that would not survive the "crush factor" of machine quilting. (Note to self on similar projects in the future: Make sure everyone knows their siggie block needs to not only be washable, but also crushable! lol)

Another big finish this week -- in more ways than one. My niece's baby girls, Brenna Faith and Summer Grace, were born on Monday and they are SO adorable! I finished their quilts and they're in the mail. It looks like they'll be delivered today. Yay! I'm taking a chance and posting this now, assuming she's much too busy loving those babies to be looking at my blog. LoL

Some pics of the quilting, front:

And the border:

It shows up the best on the cushy flannel back:

The finished quilts:

I wanted something to be different between the two, to make them easier to tell apart at a glance, but the only difference ended up being the different pinks for the bindings (I couldn't find a matching aqua/green!). And the labels have different names, of course! lol

The twins have a big sister who celebrated her fourth birthday this week (and let's face it, becoming a big sister to twins is quite an adjustment for a four-year-old!), so I included something for her, too -- a matching quilt (16" x 18") for her dollies.

Ready to wrap up and mail!

After finishing these two big projects all at once, I ended up in a sort of dazed state, not sure what to do next. So yesterday I headed up to the sewing room and pulled out this project, which will be a gift for my mother-in-law.

No, I didn't do the appliques. My mother-in-law bought it this way and she asked me -- long ago -- if I could add four more kids to the front, so that all nine of her grandkids would be represented. I'll admit I was terrified to try it, for fear I'd end up destroying the whole thing. (I've never done applique on a t-shirt!) This is why I've had her shirt in my possession for WAY too long. By now, I imagine she's forgotten all about it, so I think it'll be a nice surprise for Christmas. LoL

I'm SO relieved with how it turned out. I attempted to embroider some of the little flowers by them, too, but that didn't go so well. Hopefully the little kids blend in well enough on their own.

So those are my big finishes this week. Next week, it's pajamas and mug rugs...

Amy is taking a Christmas break from Sew & Tell Friday, but I'm going to link up with Amanda's "Finish it Up Friday" over at Crazy Mom Quilts today, and see what other fun projects have been finished this week. Thanks for visiting!


amandajean said...

oh my goodness, what a productive week you've had! i'm impressed! the twin quilts are so cute. and how thoughtful to add a gift for the 4 year old sister. that's so important!

thanks for linking up!

Kate said...

That memory quilt is a wonderful gift idea. Great work this week!

JG said...

What gorgeous quilts! Your MIL will also be so happy when she see her shirt. :)

retstickan said...

I'm amazed at how much you have manage to finish. Lovely quilts and the little one for the 4year old was to me a perfekt present!

Shellie said...

Congratulations on the new babies in the family and finishing up the quilts just in time. The quilts are adorable, as is the T-shirt for your mother-in-law.

Good luck getting all of those mug rugs finished in time.

Have a Merry Christmas.