Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday: Reality

For those who thought my sewing room looked unnaturally neat and tidy the last time I posted a picture of it... here's the week-before-Christmas reality shot:


What I'm working on today... MUG RUGS.

Enough to go under all those Christmas mugs... (I think there were 20 total when I started.)

The only two I've actually completed have already been given away. One for my friend and neighbor, Sheila:

And one for my son's piano teacher:

And I still have pajama pants to make. I have a looong way to go...

Best of luck to all the other participants in this week's Design Wall Monday. May all of your projects be finished on time! ;o)


Betty Lou said...

Maybe some of Santa's elves can come in and give you a hand. The mug rugs are darling, cute mugs also. Hugs and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Really Cute!!! Good ideas for next year!!

Heather said...

Thank you!! :o)

Shasta said...

That's more like mine! The mug rugs are adorable, and a great idea for gifts.