Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Better Home Challenge List

My twelve areas for the Better Home Challenge are:

1. Front Hall/Stairway
2. Downstairs Bathroom
3. Living/Dining Room
4. Family Room/Laundry Area
5. Kitchen
6. Upstairs Bathroom
7. Master Bedroom/Closet
8. Garage
9. Basement Storage Room
10. Basement Rec Room
11. Basement Spare Bedroom
12. Back Deck/Front Porch

My plan of attack is to list everything I'd like to do/have done in each room, regardless of cost. From there, I'll tackle as much of that list as possible, physically and financially, and then make detailed notes on the rest to create a plan for future improvements. I'm actually pretty excited about the possibilities...

... and apparently, I've been talking about all these big plans even more than I realize lately. This is what my hubby bought me for Christmas:

LoL I am rarin' to go!


Leslie said...

you have quite the list!!! but yay on the drill! that is a cool gift! I bought a dresser at Goodwill about 3 months ago and it's beautiful, ugly colors though, so hubby bought me a nice new sander!
love your list!

Jean said...

Sweet... might have to join this one!