Friday, February 27, 2009

The Polka-Dot Club

I was just visiting over at Jean's Page, and heard it was the last day for Christina's Polka-Dot Club. I thought I'd try to find something polka-dotted to share at the last minute, but boy, did I have to dig! Kind of odd, because I do love polka-dots, but apparently I haven't done a lot of sewing with them...

At any rate, I did find something! I made this grab ball toy for my husband's baby cousin on his first birthday, using black/white and red/white polka dots. (A great little homemade baby gift, by the way. The free pattern is here, if you'd like to make one yourself.)

Hope you can see the polka-dots! Just too bad I didn't get a better picture. That little guy was in constant motion that day. LoL


Christina said...

It's wonderful, your in.

Jean said...

Very cute ball, thanks for the link!!!!