Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just For Fun

Backstory: I have this old, raggedy Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt which -- because it is so old and raggedy -- is super comfy. I wear it around the house quite often, and every time I do, my grandson, Aaron, is absolutely transfixed by the purple and yellow lettering on the front. He wants to touch the letters, taste the letters, drool all over the letters. I think... he likes purple and yellow.

Or he's already a Vikings fan.

So anyway, I've been thinking (as any quilting grandma would) that I'd really like to quilt him something in purple and yellow, but I've already made him two quilts (and he's only four months old). How about making a mini-quilt with lots of purple and yellow for Aaron to touch, taste, and drool all over?

So I did.

The center applique is blanket-stitched onto a 9-1/2" square, with a 3" pinwheel border added, for a final measurement of 15" square. I wanted it to have some body and floppiness to it, so I cut up a purple bath towel for the backing and quilted it without any batting. It's basically a glorified burp cloth. LoL But it was a really quick, easy, no-pressure, just-for-fun project, and we all need one of those, every now and then. ;o)

I can't wait to see how he likes it!


Jean said...

This is adorable Heather. I love it! Those are some mighty small HST though!

Donetta said...

Hello, Oh this is so pretty! I have some of that same purple in center. I think the yellow is same family, I am looking forward to making a quilt for our big bed.
I love that you used the fabric from your Grandmothers dress. Many of my quilts are of those fabrics of a time past and a memory stitched in time