Thursday, October 2, 2008

While We're (still) Waiting

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record (sigh), but yes, we're still waiting for the baby that was due on September 27th. Needless to say, anxiety is a little high around here since we've been living in a state of "any minute now" for about two weeks. Another ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow, as well as a non-stress test on the baby, then... we'll see. Despite my own anxiety about inducement (my first was induced and I thought it was beyond awful), she's ready to get this baby born any way she can.

Meanwhile, we do what we can to fill the waiting hours, taking long walks, driving around aimlessly, playing endless games of cards and dice, shopping. Kaitlin found this pattern and adorable teddy bear fleece on a recent trip to Walmart and I've been on a little sewing spree ever since:

First, the little blanket for baby-to-be. This was what originally caught her eye. The "pocket" is for baby's legs, so his 'lil feeties won't come uncovered:

That was going to be it, until I realized our baby cousin is turning one-year-old this weekend and I didn't have a gift for her yet. The pattern fits birth to 24-months, so I decided to make her a little outfit in the 24-month size, using up some pink/koala bear sweatshirt fleece from my stash. Sure hope it fits!

Then just for fun, a fleece hat for each of the babies:

But enough is enough. This morning I put all of my sewing away -- again. Back to the cards and dice and walking...

... but this baby has got to be here soon!

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Jean said...

How cute are all of these, you must be going batty!!!! I hate waiting. I especially like the blankie with the foot holders.....what a good idea. How many times did they kick their way out of a blanket. Hope that little guy comes soon!!!