Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: Pre-Fall Cleanup

I way overdid it today in the tackling department, but I guess that makes up for yesterday, which I spent wandering from one room to the next, trying to decide where to start and never actually starting anything. I really needed the Tackle it Tuesday motivation and, apparently, the exercise. Man, are my legs stiff tonight!

Several random ideas kind of culminated into one big tackle today. We had our first frost last night, so we pulled in the "summer outdoor" plants last evening before clearing a place for them inside. So Tackle One was to do some rearranging and find a home for the plants.

And, ta-dahh! I even got motivated enough to clear off the "bottomless" clutter pile on the kitchen counter.

Note the treadmill missing from the corner above? That would be Tackle Number Two. My all-or-nothing weight loss goals of earlier this year did indeed come to... nothing. In fact, I've gained back the fifteen pounds I lost, plus a few more. Ack! The diet has been poor, but I think the worst of it is that I've totally stopped exercising. My answer to that is to put the treadmill back in the living room. Not the best decorative accent, but it seems to be the only place where it actually gets used. The treadmill is now the best "seat" in the house if anyone wants to watch TV.

Well the plant situation got me to thinking about the garden, and all the fall clean-up that needs to be done out there. Not to mention the lawn needed mowing badly. We also happened to have perfectly beautiful weather today (and I needed the exercise!), so yard/garden work became Tackle Number Three.


And after much weeding and trimming away of dead, brown foliage (and I mowed the scraggly lawn, too):

Kind of hard to see in pictures, but it's a big difference. All the depressing, dead-looking stuff is gone, and now I can think about all the plant rearranging I wanted to do out there this fall.

In fact, I was thinking earlier that I might just do a "Keep Working Wednesday" in the garden... but at this point, I just hope my legs can get me out of bed in the morning. LoL


Gayle said...

That's a lot of work! I can see a big difference in the garden. Had to see where you were from for the "first frost". MN...that makes sense. My kid's grandma lives in Swan River. I don't know if we've had our first official frost in Fairbanks (AK), but it gets chilly that's for sure!

Jean said...

You were working hard, that's for sure and got a lot accomplished. I love the shoes on the treadmill. I am like you, frustrated as I have gained back 10 lb of the weight I lost last year. So I am back on a sort-of diet. How did today go???

Kudosia said...

Your garden looks really beautiful! I love the arrangement of it. I especially like the look of the vining plant on the arch.

And kudos to you on keeping trying on the weight loss. I'm trying too. *sigh*