Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Something for Baby

Several years ago, I started a craft business, making and selling items for babies and children. One of my favorite patterns was for a baby bunting, quilted, lined in soft flannel and decorated with various types of ribbons and trim. When the business came to an end, only one bunting remained, and being one of my most favorites, I decided to keep it for a future grandchild -- or granddaughter, rather, as it was the pinkest, most frilly bunting of all. Now that my grandbaby-to-be has been confirmed a grandson, I thought it was time to pull out the pattern, dig through the stash, and make something a bit more boyish.

Granted, it does have a few pink teddy bears on it, but I was really proud of myself for fighting the urge to go fabric shopping and just use what I had on hand. I only purchased the ribbon, ric-rac and buttons for trim, and I think they added just enough of a boyish touch.

Coincidentally, the quilted teddy bear fabric was given to me by my mom, who once made a cute little pair of overalls from the same fabric for the now-mother-to-be. ;o)


Jean said...

That is adorable, Heather. I bet she loves it and so will the baby!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new grandbabby!

Thanks for sharing about the giveaway!

:) Christina

Scrapping Servant said...

Love that 'cute as a button' button, very cute! :o)