Saturday, April 12, 2008

April (Snow) Showers

So, here's how the kids spent this beautiful Minnesota spring(?) day. I can't believe it's April 12th:

We've been hit with our last (oh, please, let it be the last!) snowstorm of the season, complete with 60 mph winds and accumulation of 8-9 inches of new snow. Blessedly, the storm was followed by a gorgeous, sunny day today. I've been enjoying the quiet while the kids play outside, tackling a long-overdue updating of this cross-stitch sampler that I made for my sister and brother-in-law back in 1994. Their youngest child, Dominic (now nine-years-old), has finally been added to the family tree.

Speaking of updates, I also finished my schoolhouse blocks this week. Sashings and border are next:

I've been in a real funk lately, and really slacking with this blog among other things. Between the virus that seemed to last forever and the slow torture of this never-ending winter, it's been a challenge just doing the basics each day. But, good news, I do believe the brain-fog is finally lifting. Healthwise, I'm seeing a little improvement each day. I've just hit the three-week mark, and I almost feel "normal" again. With the storm past, the promise of spring is in the air, and with it, such a sense of relief. For the first time in weeks, there was a hint of inspiration stirring in me today. I can hardly wait to say goodbye to winter, get outside, and soak up the sun.

I'm pretty sure my batteries are solar-powered.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

I think we will always think back to this winter with memories... negative and positive. Now we have sunshine here and perhaps spring will just leave quickly and move into summer. I had a bug last year that hit me in the spring and it dragged on half the summer. I am glad you are better. Tomorrow I hope to soak up some sun!