Monday, March 31, 2008

The Diet: Week Twelve

Two pounds down, ten pounds to go! I can't believe how slowly these last pounds come off, but sure enough, they are coming, so I really can't complain. It's especially comforting to know that I'm still losing, even though I've had a lot of diet indiscretions these past few weeks.

Broke down and went to the doctor on Friday, only to find out that I'm going through the same virus as so many others right now, and there is nothing to do but wait it out. My doctor did recommend I take Sudafed and Robitussin DM and those have helped immensely with the congestion and coughing. Last night I had my first good night's sleep in a week, so I'm feeling much better. So much better, in fact, that I had my kitchen wiped down and floor scrubbed before 6:30 this morning. LoL Besides me, three of the four kids have been sick with various symptoms. Emily is home from school today after throwing up all day yesterday. I have that feeling I want to soak my whole house down in Lysol or something. It must be crawling with germs... ugh.

So that's the update. I have all kinds of things I'd like to get done this week, so I hope I'm on my way back, healthwise. We'll see...

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