Monday, February 4, 2008

Finishing Touches

At last, the new office/sewing room is ready -- move-in day tomorrow! Here's what I've finished since stripping the wallpaper last Tuesday:

* Paint -- a creamy new color called Dusted Bronze.

* Wallpaper border -- found on clearance at Menards for just $5.00 per roll. I would have preferred to hang it at the very top of the wall, but with only two rolls, had to go lower to make it around the whole room.

* Lighting -- said goodbye to the Sesame Street gang, and opted for something more traditional.

* Window treatment -- these are some paisley curtains I already had on hand, so they aren't exactly perfect, but I think they'll do fine. They sure add a cozier feeling to the room. The shades alone (also pre-existing) were so stark and cold -- and a little too blue!

And that's the last of the final touches! I still hate the red carpet, but I guess if I get bored, I can dress up, stroll around the room, and pretend I'm an Oscar nominee. lol More likely, there'll be one final, finishing touch when I'm all done -- a nice, soothing area rug to cut back on some of the red.

Total cost of this room re-do (paint and border), about $35.00
Having a room to call my own, priceless. ;o)


Redness said...

Love your room, the red carpet has to stay while you create for that oscar ... that view outside is stunning! Now on with the show ;~)

Heather said...

Thanks, redness! I'll keep on keeping on... can't wait until it's all done, though! ;o)

Amy said...

Great border, especially at that price! :) Enjoy your new space!

Heather said...

Thanks, Amy! I can't wait until I can enjoy it. This project seems like it's taking forever!

Lynne said...

That looks awesome! Great job, you must be so pleased. :-D

corrin said...

walk that red carpet!

Q&Q said...

Woah! That's a big job! It looks really nice. Amen on the price. Way to go.

Thanks for stopping by!

quiltinjeanie said...

Looks great Heather, I know your pain about the carpet, though I think your red looks better than my orange in my quilting room!!!

Heather said...

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my new room! I'm really excited to get it all organized and actually do something fun in there. Like sew, maybe? Or write (something besides blog posts)? lol

Yes, Jean, I think you have me beat with orange carpet. That's tought to camouflage! We once lived in a rental house that was carpeted throughout the main floor with orange shag carpet. I don't know how my mom survived those years. lol She's a blue and mauve kinda gal!