Sunday, September 2, 2007

Amish Stars Quilt

Well, I finally reached my saturation point of how many projects I can have going at one time before I go into a tailspin. So on Friday I decided to FOCUS, pick one work-in-progress and get it DONE. Here’s the finished Amish Stars quilt, made from blocks won in a quilt block lottery almost two years ago.

Of course, within hours of finishing this one, I had another project added to my list of to-dos. Some time ago, I gave a quilt top to my sister, which she had planned to have longarm quilted to give to her friend who was diagnosed with cancer. But time got away from her and the quilting has yet to be done, so I told her I could do it for her now that I'm a little more confident in my quilting abilities. I hope to have it finished before Christmas.

Today's only day two of the Quilters Mall Crawl, and I was just notified that I've won a prize -- sweet! A $20 gift certificate from Quilt Home. I'm SO looking forward to a little shopping spree. A big thank you to Quilt Home and Quilt Index!


Carol E. said...

That is so pretty! Congrats. I love your bookshelf quilt, too. And P.S... I did figure out it was you commenting on my blog. I just kept forgetting to mention it. Thanks for visiting!

Heather said...

Thanks, Carol! Nice to have you visit. ;o)