Thursday, August 30, 2007

Triple Dare Tuesday -- on Thursday

Apparently, I can’t take a dare on Tuesday and come up with an answer to it the same day. It may have something to do with my one-hundred-track mind, but it takes me a couple days of thinking, brainstorming, stewing on the challenge, and this one is no exception. This week’s Triple Dare Tuesday was to be or do something SUPER. Hmm… what does SUPER mean to me? SUPER might be doing something selfless and altruistic, as in being really, really good, maybe donating to a worthy charity or just going around committing random acts of kindness...

Or maybe SUPER would be facing my fears, as in SUPER strength...

Or accomplishing something I didn’t think I could…

Truth is, though, I didn’t feel so SUPER this week, but there was a lot that was SUPER about my week:

My youngest two children spent part of the week with my sister, so my house was SUPER quiet and I got SUPER busy working on some quilting projects that were hanging over my head.

I was SUPER worried for my oldest son, who suffered a concussion last week and is having a hard time bouncing back. At the same time, I’m SUPER grateful for all the thoughts and prayers for him from family and friends – and of course, for the fact that he will bounce back.

I made a SUPER yummy beef stew for dinner on Monday, and the leftovers lasted a few days so I had a SUPER awesome break from cooking.

I got SUPER inspired by a writing prompt and wrote a so-so story. But I did it SUPER fast and -- with some revisions and edits -- it could become a SUPER story.

I was SUPER bummed when I got the results from last week’s blood test. My cholesterol is still too high, but my glucose and triglycerides have gone way down and for that, I was SUPER relieved.

I was SUPER moved by a certain e-book I downloaded, and it was SUPER relaxing to just spend an afternoon reading it.

I was SUPER glad to see my kids today, though the little break from them was SUPER refreshing. And much as I missed them, it took SUPER patience to hear their one hundred stories about every single ride at Valleyfair.

I’m SUPER psyched reading the book I bought today at Barnes and Noble, The Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing. Meanwhile I’m SUPER nervous, hoping against hope for a reply from Reader’s Digest on my latest article query.

Last but not least, I got SUPER frustrated editing my Angelfire blog, which is why Needles and Pens has moved. So far, I’m SUPER happy with Blogspot. (My earlier blog entries are still online here.)

Wow… what a SUPER crazy, up and down week, and my kids think they rode roller coasters! My ride’s not over yet. There’s still Friday. I may need a SUPER sedative.


AGK said...

Well, I said "Interpret the dare any way you wish..." And I think this was great (and thank you!).

You have all week to complete each dare. They "expire" when the new one is posted.

Congrats on the move -- I think it'll work out better for you :)

Heather said...

Thanks, Angela! I'm really having a lot of fun with these. Great way to stretch the imagination and get those creative juices flowing. Keep 'em coming! ;o)