Monday, September 10, 2012

Better Home Challenge: September Edition (In Which this Blogger Cries, "Uncle!")

I guess it's pretty obvious that I cried, "Uncle," a few months back, but this makes it official. LoL I was NOT up to the challenge! On the bright side, though, I did get a lot more done than I would have without challenging myself.

This doesn't mean I've given up on all of my projects, of course, just that I'm taking the pressure off. I've fallen far enough behind that it would take a miracle to "catch up" by the end of the year. The blasted kitchen is still coming along. The window is in. (Just doesn't have any trim yet.) The baseboards are done. I still don't like the wall color... or maybe it's the cabinets... ugh. Are you as tired of my kitchen as I am??

And now we're entering into fall, which is when I tend to hide out in my sewing room a lot. I've been quilting like mad lately, and should have a few finishes to share here very soon.

And we're expecting a new grandson any day now...



So that's my story. I'll be sure to post updates here when I DO get something done, but the pressure of deadlines is off.

Whew! I needed that! :o)

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