Friday, March 30, 2012

Sew & Tell Friday: Finishing Touches

At last my March home project is nearing the end. And to think I expected to breeze through our main floor bathroom in a week or two! It's been a bigger challenge than I expected, to say the least, and after getting through the painting/color crisis, and the sewing of the window valance, I still didn't have a "theme" in mind for decorating.

But surfing the web last week, I came across this set of Leaf Impressions wall decals at JC Penney. The colors appear to be perfect. I love the leaves. I just hope the photo is accurate and I won't be disappointed when they finally arrive at my doorstep.

For the remaining empty wall space, I made this 10" x 15" mini quilt, inspired by the still-unseen decals, and adapted from a pattern in a back-issue of The Quiltmaker magazine. I used the valance fabrics plus a few more aquas, browns and greens thrown in.

The leaves are machine-appliqued (before cutting and mix-matching the prints), and quilted with "veins." The background is stipple quilted.

And here it is hanging in the bathroom. (By the time I'm through with this Home Challenge, there may very well be a quilt in every room. LoL)

That pine board on the ledge is new, too. Such a simple thing, yet what a difference it makes! Hopefully with the new medicine cabinet, it won't become the catchall that it was before, and it can just be a place for pretty things.

One more little finishing touch this week, I spray painted the basket that we use as a laundry hamper. Here it is before, looking sad and dilapidated:

And after, looking incredibly the same as it did when it was new -- 25 years ago:

I believe this begins the fourth new life for this basket. I don't know how it can still be in such good shape, after all the abuse it's taken over the years...

So I have one more shopping trip to make for the final, final finishing touches and then I'm SO done with this room. Tomorrow I'll be back with before and afters for the March reveal. Heading over to Amylouwho's now, to link up for Sew & Tell Friday!


Debbie said...

It turned out great...the quilt makes it!

Leslie said...

what great additions to your projects!
sorry I have fallen behind still! still trying though! it's been a little bit of a rough year!

Grandma G said...

I love your mini quilt! The leaves are gorgeous, and the colors 'just right'. Hopefully you'll have a match with the decals... looks like it from the pics!

Susan said...

Sprayed painted basket is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Heather...Good Saturday Morning! A perfect day for projects! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your leave wall hanging!!! ♥♥♥

Chris H said...

OMG I just LOVE the mini leaf quilt! It is to die for.