Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Project for March: Week One

Every time I start to tackle a new room, I have the same problem. Aside from the obvious cleaning and organizing, just what do I want to do in here? It takes a few days (or a week), but then something will spark inspiration. In the case of my bathroom, the window shopping did it. Looking at towels, bathmats, and other accessories helped me zero in on a color, which brought to mind some fabric I already had on hand -- and I have my new color scheme (though I haven't quite nailed down the exact shade of aqua for the walls).

I love paisley... I'm thinking of using these in a window valance, something like this from Bed, Bath and Beyond:

But first, the cleaning... ugh. Starting with the dreaded shower. I can't even bring myself to show you how cruddy it looked before, but I scrubbed my fingers to the bone and now it looks almost like new. I was seriously sore all over the next day, and everyone who uses this shower (I'm a bubble bath girl, myself) heard about it! Do you think they'll keep it clean? LoL Yeah, neither do I...

Added new shower caddies, too. Before, we had just one of these and it was due for replacing. Now there's double the storage space and it looks SO much better!

Yesterday I took down the big, ugly old mini blind and tackled the dirty, dirty window. Cleaned it inside and out, replaced the worn out screen, and installed a new mini-blind.

A big improvement (for only about four bucks!)

It's the light-filtering type, so it allows so much more light into the room. Much less obtrusive, too, mounted inside the frame.

And that's where it stands after one week. Now I'm cleaning out the storage spaces, throwing out all the outdated junk, and reorganizing. Hopefully next week I can start painting!


Cindi said...

Love the aqua, and the fact that you can now see your window frame. You're off to a good start. Can you leave a Mr Clean magic eraser in the shower, and just ask that they wipe down one wall each day? That will keep it from getting too bad in there.

Heather said...

That's a great idea, Cindi! I haven't tried those magic erasers yet, but I keep hearing good things about them. Thanks for stopping by. :o) I'm looking forward to seeing your project!

Sarah said...

Amazing how much a difference it makes with the blinds mounted inside the window frame. Can't wait to see the new colors!