Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1/9/12

Well, the Better Home Challenge wasn't meant to be a quilting challenge, but wouldn't you know I'd find a way to turn it into one? LoL My January home project is the spare room in our basement (which I guess has improved to the point where I can officially call it "The Guest Room" now). It's actually very nearly done, but still needs the decorative touches to finish it off. So this week's design wall project is a quilt for the guest room bed.

Here are the fabrics and pattern I'll be using. I wanted something that will go together relatively quickly, and decided on this 9-patch variation.

The pink is left over from my mom's birthday quilt, the cream, I bought yesterday (but didn't quite buy enough!) and someone gave me three yards of the green Fairy Frost. It's just been waiting for the perfect project, and I think I found it!

This was my attempt to show how well the colors work with the walls and the curtain I made for the room last week:

I almost had all the cutting done this morning, but ran a yard short of the cream for the 2-1/2" strips. Dang! That's what I get for buying the fabric before deciding on the pattern.

Guess I'll have to make one more trip to the fabric store... poor me. :o)

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AnnieO said...

Pretty colors! 9 patches are always so quick and easy and charming. Hope you whip this up in no time.

Leslie said...

OH wow! You are on a roll! those colors are PERFECT!!!