Friday, November 11, 2011

More Minis

Yesterday I blogged about the mini I made this week for my grandson, Aaron, for Amy's Mini Quilt Challenge. Well it seems that "mini-quilt fever" has taken over a lot of us quilters lately, and in that spirit, I thought I'd revisit some of my earlier minis as well. Some of these I had nearly forgotten about, so it was a fun little trip down memory lane... I'm so glad I took pictures!

October 2003, a birthday gift:

November 2003, my daughter Emily's first quilt (age nine) I just had to include this picture -- so cute! I can't believe she's almost seventeen now!

December 2003, Butterfly Mini made for my mom's birthday (I remember the finished size on this one, 8-1/2" x 11", because it was the same size as a sheet of copy paper):

December 2003, made for my friend, Sheila, for a Christmas gift:

February 2005, my entry in a "Weird and Ugly Fabric Challenge." (The border print was the "weird and ugly" one. lol)

November 2006, a gift for an online quilting friend when we met in person for the first time!

September 2008, "Grandma's Hankies," crazy quilt made for a "Hankie Challenge" at our local quilt guild:

February 2009, Aaron's first mini-quilt:

October 2009, quilt for a tiny teddy bear, made from an 8" orphan block:

September 2009, Halloween mini-quilt:

November 2009, Thanksgiving mini-quilt:

December 2009, Christmas mini-quilt for a co-worker:

December 2010, Christmas candle mat for a co-worker:

September 2011, another candle mat for a bridal shower gift:

October 2011, 1930's mini, finished for this year's UFO Challenge:

And once again, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" for Aaron, this week's Mini Challenge.

This doesn't even include all the table runners, toppers, wall hangings, etc., only the itty bitty minis. I do love those small projects!

I've been hearing more and more about a new Flickr group called, "Modern Mini Quilts," so I just joined up. Hopefully I'll find the time to share these minis there as well, and find a whole new batch of mini pics to drool over...

Definitely, Mini Quilt Fever!


Chris H said...

They are all gorgeous. What do you use them for besides wall hangings? I like the idea of making some myself.

Teje said...

Hi! You have made so many beautiful mini quilts! It becomes easily 'fever'!
x Teje

Jean said...

Great quilt show! I love small quilts because you can get them finished quickly!

Needled Mom said...

They are all woderful. I love Aaron's with the cute buttons. I am sure he does too.

Anonymous said...

I love the Thanksgiving one and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Debbie said...

How fun!! You have done ALOT of minis! Especially love the UFO one in Aunt Gracie fabrics!

Nina... said...

Wow! You DO have mini quilt fever. I think the Christmas one is my favorite but they all are gorgeous!

Danna BC said...

Wow, they're all so beautiful. I especially like the butterfly quilt. :)

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

love the 30's one!

Rene' said...

Great minis Heather!!! I especially love the 1930's fabric mini....that pieced cup is so cute!

Sarah said...

Loved the mini-parade - especially the paper pieced butterflies. I always say I want to do more minis (I love small pieces) but I seem to make large projects with small pieces.