Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilt Journal 2009

That's how far behind I am on my quilt journal. But it was worse a few days ago, when I hadn't yet made it to the end of '08. I finished a few pages this weekend, so there is progress!

September 2008, a healing quilt made by our quilting group for a member with cancer:

A handkerchief mini-quilt wall hanging:

These pages were already done for September and October '08, when my grandson was expected/born. I don't know how I got them out of order, but we'll call it "new-grandma brain":

More new pages, Christmas '08 gifts:

And Aaron's First Christmas quilt:

I grouped all of my Quilts with Love quilts onto one page for 2009:

May 2009, my brother-in-law's Quilts with Love quilt:

October 2009, my friend Kelly's bridal shower and wedding:

Now just a few more pages to go, and I'll be into 2010! LoL

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Jean said...

This is great Heather. Did you have the pix all ready and organized first? It would probably take me forever just to figure out when I made what. lol I guess my blog is a journal of sorts, so I could go back. I admire you for getting this done!