Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now, Where Was I???

I currently have three different quilts in varying stages spread out all over my (very small) sewing room -- forget about the many unfinished projects still in bags -- and what did I do today? I made a pin cushion, of course.

A little attention deficit maybe?

Beth, from Love Laugh Quilt, posted a tutorial yesterday for making a cute little flower pin cushion. And since my only pin cushion is the generic, red tomato style, I thought I'd like, no, I needed a cute flower pin cushion.

So, there you go. I made mine in fall colors, which may indicate a need for more seasonal pin cushions in the future. It was fun, it was quick, it used up scraps, and I guess I must have needed a little change of pace. Thanks, Beth!

I now return to my previously scheduled quilting, but I now have a cute flower pin cushion in which to stick my pins. Sweet! :o)


beth said...

Hey! thanks for the picture. I posted it on my blog tonight. You made me a very happy quilter!

Pat said...

Cute pincushion and GREAT idea to make seasonal ones!!!