Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Emily Quilts

My daughter, Emily, has had an on-again/off-again interest in quilting for the past few years, and when Country Quilters USA announced a block-of-the-month project back in 2007, Emily (then 12-years-old), decided she wanted to play along. She completed these four blocks fairly quickly, then seemed to lose interest:

But this past weekend, something inspired her to sew -- and what a difference two years can make. I had only to help her with the cutting and she was off and running!

"Is this going to be on your blog?"

Seven blocks down, five more to go. Here are the three she finished this week. She has a goal in mind now -- to use these in a quilt for a friend -- so I think she may just get it done. I know a goal always helps me!

To be continued.... (I hope!)


Jean said...

I can't believe what a great job she did, especially with the triangles! Looks really good, Emily!!!

Answer to your question, of course you will be on your mom's blog!

Heather said...

Thanks, Jean! She really did. She lost a few points here and there, and it drove her completely nuts. lol She's a bit of a perfectionist. ;o)