Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Birthday Blessings

What a birthday! Despite still feeling crummy with this miserable virus I've been fighting, my family and friends have made this a great birthday/Valentine's day for me. It began with a visit from my sister and nephews last night, followed by dinner and cake at my parents' house. Then the flowers and cards from my hubby:

Watching my grandson open his very first Valentine this morning:

Gift cards from my son, for dinner AND a movie:

And when I finally got online today, I found that I am the winner of the Pay it Forward drawing over at Angela's Quilts. Another great birthday surprise! Thanks so much, Angela! I'll be paying it forward here very soon...

And the day's not over yet. My girls are off on some top secret mission now, which I suspect has something to do with my birthday as well. Add to all of this the dozens of sweet birthday wishes from my online friends and I feel truly blessed today.

Thank you all, for making me feel so special! {{hugs}}


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Jan said...

Happy Birthday to you. I was just 'popping' by and saw you have the same birthday as my hubby. We celebrated his yesterday. Hope you had a lovely day.x

Jean said...

Happy Birthday...glad you are getting the treats you deserve....hope you get to feeling better soon...the bug has bitten me too...yuck!