Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Mystery Quilt!

So, I've been in need of a new quilting project to pull me out of the sub-zero, mid-winter doldrums and I think I've found just the thing; The Great Summer Holiday Mystery at "Hugs and Kisses." I haven't done a mystery quilt in ages, so when a few of my quilting friends did their New Year's Eve mysteries, I caught the bug.

Choosing fabrics was a challenge. I'm on a strict no-buying-anything-that-isn't-absolutely-necessary budget, so it all had to come from my stash. I came up with several combinations, but few of them had enough yardage for the whole project. Somehow, though, I did find my fabrics:

Colorful, no? I'm making an Easter quilt. Which is perfect, because I have a throw quilt for every holiday except Easter. Not for long!

Yesterday I completed Step One, which was to make five of these:

Step two is posted, so maybe I'll finish that today. My kids are all home. No school, due to the nasty cold temps.

A great day to hide out in the sewing room! LoL Thanks, Helen!


Messy Karen said...

just stopping by to see how you're doing on the mystery quilt. i like that you are thinking ahead. might start another one like for valentine's day. but my stash also coming up short when i pick something.

Jean said...

Good start! Like your fabrics. BTW, you've been tagged! Check my blog for details!